Corporate Governance

When it comes to our employees, our neighbors, and our communities, we strive do be diligent citizens and strive to achieve the highest standards. 

We value and respect human rights in all aspects of business, holding ourselves responsible for ensuring our business methods are ethical and auditable.

We believe in ethical business practices

We firmly believe that the way we do our business is just as important as the business that we do. Understanding and practicing the ethical standards outlined in our code of conduct is one of the foundations of our success as an organization and as individual contributors.
Attindas Code of Conduct

We respect human rights

As one of our fundamental values, we strive to respect and promote human rights in our relationships with our employees and our business partners. We also hold our business partners to the same standards. Our business actions will not cause or contribute to human rights infringements.

We encourage our people to raise concerns

Our whistleblowing program is an early warning system to reduce risks throughout our business. This tool is integral in fostering high ethical standards and maintaining customer and public confidence in the way we do business and the products we make. Our whistleblowing site is provided by an external partner to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.